7 Benefits of Attending the G7N Conference

7 Benefits of Attending the G7N Conference

There are many benefits to being part of a Logistics Network. One of the biggest benefits is the Annual Conference / AGM. The annual conference promotes all the members to meet under one roof, this helps build new business relationships and strengthen existing ones.

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Why Join G7N?

Today the freight forwarding industry is one of the most competitive industries in the World. A logistics network helps battle that competition by promoting business within the network. By just being active within the network many of our members made their membership money back in under 2 months.

G7 Logistics Networks provides a supportive semi-exclusive environment for freight forwarders to develop and grow their business through their G7N membership by promoting an enhanced global reach and effective communication. We protect our members not only through G7N Financial Protection but also through the enforcement of membership limits on a per port basis.

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Benefits of being part of the G7 Conference: