2nd Annual G7N Conference

2nd Annual G7N Conference

The Location & Dates are finally set for the 2nd Annual G7N Conference

When the network was only 4 months old, the first G7N Conference took place in beautiful Bangkok, Thailand. The four month old network was able to attract an impressive 58 attendees to its first conference. These delegates represented 36 companies and travelled from 45 countries to participate in the historic event.

Check out some of the highlights of the 1st Annual Conference in the video below:

The Network has only grown since the 1st Conference and 150 delegates are expected to attend the 2nd Annual G7N Conference from all over the Globe.

The 2nd Conference is set to take place in the tropical Coconut Islands in Phuket, Thailand. The main reason we chose this location is because it is a beautifully isolated island with all the facilities within it. This makes it extremely easy for each delegate to meet all the attendees, the full 72 hours they are there.

There are many events happening at the G7N Conference which we will uncover over the course of the next 6 months. For now, we will give you a gist of the Coconut Islands (Koh Maphrao) :

Koh Maphrao is one of Phuket’s minor islands. The area of 2,620 Rai on the island is mainly occupied by a coconut plantation; ma phrao being the Thai word for coconut. Phuket is known for its full range of development with facilities and bustling lifestyle, while Koh Maphrao is a peaceful isle set in natural surroundings.

Murray Backhouse, G.M Of G7N had this to say:

“6 Months after the 1st G7N Conference, we have now added an additional 25 companies and are well on track to hit our target which is 150 delegates at our 2nd Annual Conference. Coconut islands is the perfect setting for the 150 members to network constantly, develop relationships and business opportunities together. I look forward to welcoming you to the 2nd Annual Conference at the networking paradise, that is Coconut Islands”

We look forward to seeing all G7N Members at the 2nd Annual Conference